What the architects have forgotten

I think a really significant proposal, must necessarily recover the basic principles of architecture, perhaps giving them a new meaning. First must recover its sense of service, its ability to respond with intelligent solutions to the problems of human living, serve their physical , functional, psychological, social and spiritual needs renouncing the quest for self-centered protagonism, and recovering all what good architecture of all time has given to the man. Obviously I'm not talking here about recycling old styles, but to reclaim and reinterpret the ideas that gave rise to their appropriate space to the changing needs of human beings. 

The mysticism of Romanesque, the Gothic brightness, the perfect harmony and remarkable sense of proportion of the Greek temples, the great spirituality of Egypt, the expressiveness of the baroque, the romantic kitsch of art nouveau, the Space Generation of Teotihuacan and its dreams of harmony with the cosmos, the simple lesson of the popular architecture and the poetry of Ronchamps. 

The recovery of color, texture, light and shade, privacy and openness, harmony and balance, pace, sequencing and the tour. The understanding of the site and climatic conditions and the large forces of nature, which man has to get the maximum benefit without losing respect, learning from it their delicate balance. 

The recovery of its highly constructive, which start with the project, but concluds in the finished work. To understand the logic of materials and their origins, their manufacturing processes and transformation, as well as its structural behaviour and their physical endurance. 

Far from the privileged elite, bringing it closer to those who for centuries have made architecture without architects and cities whitout urban planners, which is governed by common sense and have done the best they can with the little they have.