Nature is an unbeatable master, the architect has always taken as reference for their creative work. 

Our plan, obviously inspired by nature (Nautilus), under the idea of "think globally act locally", breaking the traditional canons of construction (straight line, bulkhead) exploring alternatives whose fundamental premises are: prefabrication, low-tech, self-construction, simplicity and sustainability. ?Form (Nautilus shell) is generated by curved laminated wood beams, placed along the spiral on a pre-cast concrete slab on the site. The interior is finished with blades (3mm) from MDF or plywood glued and nailed from the inside, a plate of polystyrene (5 cm) for thermal and acoustic insulation, exterior finish with glass fiber. The windows are also made with translucent fiberglass. 

• reinforced concrete (foundation) 
• Fiber glass (windows and exterior finish) 
• Polystyrene (insulation) 
• MDF (finish) 
• pine wood or MDF (curved beams) 

As you can see in the pictures, walls and roof are one continuous element. ?The exterior finish can be achieved too, with a thin (2.5cm) layer of concrete reinforced with steel mesh. 

The ventilation is achieved by allowing the passage of air into the bottom and a draft of air (on top) that expels the hot air. 

Plywood is a series of long, narrow strips (2.4mx 0.05M) glued and nailed to one another alternately on a mold, to form a beam of desired shape and size (it is built on the site). 
EDUCATION?From an educational point of view, how the design responds to the idea that we gather around to learning, and that knowledge is built in collaboration with others, so that eye contact is essential.

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